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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Jon Doesn't Know!

Let me start by giving you a little back story on how the three friends on this adventure met. Aaron and Jon met when Jon was just a few months old. Their parents knew each other and attend the same church. They have known each other Jon's whole life and have been pretty good friends the majority of it. I moved to the same small town that Aaron grew up in and met Aaron in the 5th grade.
Aaron  No funny pics exist!  (yet)
Marty (Me)  Bathroom Mirror Selfie!

Jon  A normal face!
Aaron and I have very similar last names, add an "O" and a "N" onto my last name and you have Aaron's last name. We only had 38 kids in our graduating class, so if we had a class together, you could bet your last dollar that Aaron and I were next to each other. We hung out outside of school occasionally, but we had our own separate group of friends that we spent time with. I think that helped us not get sick of each other.

I met Jon around the year 2003 through Aaron. We quickly became very close, and routinely hung out at Aaron's house in his garage working on something, enjoying a good time, and talking wise. We've worked on some really fun projects and some really annoying ones as well. All mostly my broken down car or doing a break job on Jon's vehicle.  

Oddly, very rarely does Aaron invite us over to work on his stuff. I think he sees our workmanship and makes the wise choice of just doing it himself! Needless to say, Aaron is the go to guy. He's always methodical about what he does and makes sure every move is the right move. Jon is the know how guy and with years of experience knows all the little tricks to get things done. I'm the joker, the clown, Mr. Inappropriate, the bad influence, the guy who has some of the best friends in the whole world that tolerate his antics!

I have lived with Aaron and worked with both Aaron and Jon at the same company. If I were to give us a nick name it would be the three amigos. (I'd be Dusty Bottom, just because I'm the one that sits around and watches them work. Stay tuned, you'll see!)

Not long ago, Aaron introduced us to a show on youtube called Roadkill. There was an episode where the hosts of the show throw a dart at a map blindfolded, then fly to that city to buy a car sight unseen and drive it back to LA. Aaron said to me, "We should do that some day." I said, "I'm in! Lets do that this spring!" And the idea was born and quickly put into motion. It took all of a day before Aaron messaged me wondering if we should invite Jon. That was met with an instant, yes. Within an hour we had Jon on board!  

Here's the kicker... Jon still doesn't know where we are going! And we aren't telling him till we hand him a boarding pass! Unless his wife threatens us with great bodily harm, we aren't saying a word.  

So here's the run down. Aaron has booked a flight for 3 passengers (hopefully my seat on the plane isn't the laboratory) one way to a city/town/village that will remain unknown at this point. We are set to arrive at Midnight Friday night May 16th.

First order of business Saturday morning will be to scour craigslist to find a suitable 1960's to 1970's car/truck/van/dump truck/camper to purchase for under $2,000 and to drive back to Wisconsin. We either plan to ship tools to the hotel we are staying at the first night, or we will buy some at a pawn store. Tools will be essential as we anticipate whatever pile of crap we buy to break down numerous times. This is where you will see me at my finest, standing around (drinking a beer) taking pictures of Jon and Aaron working on an automobile.
Not quite old enough, but you get the idea!

On our way back, we plan to stop at some stops and see some things to see...  I apologize for the vagueness, but I really don't want to let Jon know we are going to Portland, Georgalaska!  (Inside joke, I'll let you in later!) 

Stay tuned! This trip will prove to be Epic!

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