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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Portland, Georgalaska... Where's that?

Portland, Georgalaska
I find it absolutely hilarious when a very straight laced, practical, and well thought out person like Aaron comes up with a great prank.

From the moment Aaron committed to this Epic Trip of ours, he knew that there was going to be at least one person who didn't have a clue where we were going.  Luckily for me, I was the person that Aaron expressed the idea of this trip to first.  This means that the last to know is also going to know the least.  I'd say poor Jon, but we don't feel sorry for him, neither should you.

As when any good plan is hatched up, a great deal of goofing around was involved.  This being the case, the following days and weeks were littered with routine check ins between Aaron and myself.  "Does Jon know yet?" has become a greeting between Aaron and myself.  I think it would be hands down the funniest thing if in years to come that "Does Jon know yet?" would replace the typical "Hi" or "Hey".
I googled "Does Jon know yet" and found this. Seems fitting...
Up to this point, Jon has asked "Where are we going?" every time we've gotten together.  Only to be met with a barrage of tall tales and "you'll find out sooner or later" answers.  We rarely tell him the same place twice.  It's gotten so bad that we have mixed up countries, states, and cities.  I once told him that we were going to Saskatchewan, New Mexico.  This has only made it worse for poor Jon.  I took it upon myself to post on facebook craigslist adds from Maine and other states.  Sometimes the cars where so bad there would be no way for them to drive or the location would be so ridiculous it just wouldn't make sense.  For example, I found a Mercedes-Benz in Hawaii and joked that shipping it to the states would be the easy part.

I had to stop posting these fictitious areas with junker cars on facebook, it was resulting in people asking how my trip was and why I didn't tell them I was going.  So for clarification, we have not left for the trip yet.  We fly out on May 16th, it is going to be a fantastic trip.  Stay tuned!!

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  1. I was talking to Jon today and after much speculation of the distance between cities in a plane and how long it takes, we thought Cancun....way off!