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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I mentioned we’d be speeding home

The last line of my last blog update was "Stay tuned for updates on our speedy adventure back home." about 10 minutes later ... this happened.  Talk about speedy  . .
Nice Time for a Selfie Marty!

The cop pulled over two of us; that Prius got it first and then the cop waved us over. The Prius was doing 62 in a 35 and he had us at around 50 (but also inferred we were tailgating so I wonder how accurate his reading was.) We'd just been playing with a Lingenfelter Corvette with Wisconsin plates and he honked as we went past. The cop said he wished he could have gotten him as well. When I say "playing" with a Lingenfelter, I mean Jon would pull up beside it and he'd blow us out of the water with a 1/4 mile burst; probably topping 150mph . . twice. All good fun. Sorry Jon; tell your wife you were hurrying home for her.


  1. Here is some video of the event:

  2. That vette made music, it sounded soooooo good!

  3. Lmao im sorry but thats the best selfie ever!