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Saturday, May 17, 2014

We have arrived and the search begins!

After fits and starts the three Amigos have made it too . . Albuquerque New Mexico! . . I told you nobody wants to go here (sorry to any natives/locals)! As mentioned before; the tickets were so cheap I couldn't pass it up. Jon appears neither surprised nor disappointed but we'll let him post his own feelings. The trip has been interesting so far to say the least; from the flight to the taxi to the hotel check in; it has not failed to be memorable. My tools arrived safely; the box was flat but nothing had fallen out (thankfully.)

Anyway, we have already found a couple cars to check out. Craigslist has been our primary resource so far. We did pick up some local classified but they didn't have the kind of stuff we were looking for.  We've started a list of cars that we are interested in and may or may not go see. The list is publicly available here so feel free to check it out and add your comments below. From a 4x4 short school bus to a 55 Olds our options don't disappoint . . here are some teaser shots! 

Now we are just waiting for Marty to finish singing "Free Falling" and get out of the shower so we can get a move on!



  2. That 79 Caddy looks super comfy.

  3. Bahahahahahahaha this is epic.

  4. I vote that '68 Chevy. Not only does its lack of tailgate remind me of a vehicle Marty had a few years ago, it would also be a circus trying to fit 3 guys and there luggage in it for the ride home to Wisconsin.