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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Returning the Rental Car #FAIL

So this morning after a very long day yesterday Aaron and I got up at 6:30am to take the rental back: finally! Marty said that he would keep the hotel for us by the odd noises that were being omitted from him so Aaron and I booked it out of there in a hurry. (Marty ate Cheetos, Jerky and a Mexican burrito yesterday.) We transferred some things to the Javelin so we wouldn't have to do so much at the drop. I got in and put my foot on the break and my heart sank when it hit the floor. Aaron heard it too and said that we would need to try bleeding it again. I drove it to a corner of the parking lot where there was an uphill slant to get stopped. Aaron and I bled the breaks for about 15 minutes with no improvement so we came back up to the smog in the hotel room that Marty had created; keep in mind he is still sleeping and we had to wake him up.

We told him of our woes and then discuss our options. Give up and go home (I know that is what my wife wants) or see if we can fix it quick and get on the road asap. Aaron had done some research which is very odd for him; no pun intended (so I asked him if he was feeling alright, which he said yes) and thought it was a bleeding issue. Marty, bless his soul was able to dial the telephone between emissions and called Brake Masters to see if they could get us in right away and they could!! 

Aaron and I headed out right away to get the car to Brake Masters which was a few blocks from are hotel. Aaron decided to drive the few blocks to the shop following me in our delinquent rental car. We head out of the hotel parking lot and make it to the stop sign with no issues that I can tell. The left that is needed to get to Juan Tabo (street that the shop is on) is a pretty steep decline. I waited until all the cars were past and the light was green at the bottom because I had driven the Javelin and knew how the brakes were acting. I pulled out and was half way to the stop light when it turned orange; I gunned it as I wanted to ensure Aaron had extra room to stop. When I looked in the review mirror I see Aaron careening on Juan Tablo like a uncontrolled ship on the Bering sea... needless to say there were some people that were not very happy and speed around him with gusto as if to say "what were you thinking you idiot". Nevertheless we were on our merry way! About half way to the shop I start hearing a something dragging on the road but don't think anything of it and turn into Brake Master and then I see the exhaust on the Javelin is dragging on the ground. Aaron rips it off before I can get any tools out, throws it in the trunk and says to the mechanics standing around "you didn't see that" and then walks away. They all laugh and the car is still with them. What will happen next???!!

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