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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My idea of FUN!

Imagine the fun!
Shortly after Aaron bought tickets to Spokane, Germany, I immediately started to think of the type of vehicle we should get. After doing some craigslist searches of what is available in the city we are heading too I found a plethora of old dump trucks within our price range.

Imagine this if you will...

A peaceful stretch of highway with no sign of civilization in site. A warm breeze and a tumble weed crosses the road (are there tumble weeds in Germany?). Out of the corner of your eye you see a late 1970's avocado green couch with two well worn cushions on each end sitting precariously in the middle of the road. You hear a low rumble that sounds somewhat like helicopter with a baseball card cloth pinned to interfere with the blades to make it sound REALLY cool. As you focus on the couch trying to figure out what is going on a giant dump truck doing 70 MPH explodes through the couch. Instantly turning the couch into a shower of debris.

Have you ever seen a dump truck run over a couch doing 70 MPH?  Me either, but I really really really want too!  I figure we can buy a dump truck right?  Then as we drive home, we can scout  the towns ahead of us for free things to pick up on craigslist.  We can then drive off into a remote area, set up said free object and run it over.  (Of course we'd pick up the trash, but it'll be convenient because we'll have a huge dump box to throw it in.)

I'm really excited about this idea, I have to somehow convince riding in a dump truck for 3,000 miles will be comfortable to the guys!  Wish me luck!

I'm sure this will be the end result of Jon's driving!

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